Schöckl Trail Area

Hirsch auf Rädern

…snowbike-season is on ;)

…STA is a special spot: With a gondala running every day mountainbikers reach the top of Schöckl easily…without a skiresort downhillers and enduro riders use our normal trails – Gibim (medium), Hintnumi (medium) and Gedscho (pure DH madness, very hard) and not a ski slope…

STA trails start at 1450 meters of height, the bottom station of our gondola is situated 780 meters above see level. All trails are on the southside of Schöckl – so we often have normal trail conditions without snow in december and january…or mixed conditions with the upper half covered in white, the lower half on normal soil…

Actions speak louder than words, here are some shots from yesterday´s session:

…snow riding rules! Gondola is running over the whole week around the year, you just have to be carefull with revision – two times a year the gondola does not work because of maintenance, so please note that we are closed from february 25th – march 23rd 2019!


We wish you a great winter season, your STA team!


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